Ocean rower becomes EwC “Adventure Ambassador”

Engage with China is delighted to announce the appointment of its newest Ambassador, Christian Havrehed, adventurer, ocean-rower, inspirational speaker and founder of Yantu.com. A graduate in Chinese Studies from the University of Durham and always interested in the sea, Christian was deemed “crazy enough” to enter the newly inaugurated Ward-Evans Atlantic Rowing Challenge in 2001.Continue reading “Ocean rower becomes EwC “Adventure Ambassador””

Patron Sir Anthony Seldon Asks All Schools to Take China Seriously

Sir Anthony Seldon is Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, former Headteacher & author of over 35 books on contemporary history, politics & education. He was a pioneer in opening a dedicated Mandarin Learning Centre in 2012 to enable his pupils at Wellington, “to embrace China.” We are delighted that Sir Anthony is Patron ofContinue reading “Patron Sir Anthony Seldon Asks All Schools to Take China Seriously”

Summer Challenge

Engage with China is an educational charity enabling cultural capital in schools. We have 15 fun summer challenges that will help your pupils develop academic, cultural capital, and wellbeing! All schools and young people that take part are invited to share their findings, thoughts and creativity via social media using the #engage_china #SummerChinaChallenge Ask your school teacherContinue reading “Summer Challenge”


We would love to come to your school to deliver one or more of our training programmes. We encourage a positive growth mindset through our ‘China Habits of Mind’ promoting global citizenship, curiosity, problem-solving, resilience and collaboration. Would you like curriculum support in the following areas? Economic development & social change Environment & climate changeContinue reading “Programmes”