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GOOD COP BAD COP2: Model United Nations Conference, 20 January 2023

You are invited! Our second international online conference will build on the success of our 2022 conference to create a bigger, more aspirational and exciting platform for the leaders of tomorrow to debate and negotiate around the theme of climate change. Good Cop Bad Cop2, designed exclusively for 15-18 year old students, presents a unique, global opportunity to debate climate change, develop cultural competencies and foster leadership skills to influence positive change. Using English as the language of the conference and including students for whom English is their second language, our MUN creates another unique element that ensures the experience is more like the ‘real world.’

FINAL CALL! Register today to be part of “global education as a reality!” Closing date 02 December.

This student-led event will enable young people to debate and negotiate the resolutions made at COP27. Through this cross-cultural experience, students will research and speak from the perspective of another country. Consequently, they will be made aware of the incredible complexities, consequences and challenges faced by nations already experiencing the ramifications of climate change and also by those intent on solving the biggest issue that humanity – and our planet – is facing. Engagement with this subject is critical for the next generation and our conference will build confidence and skills around diplomacy, empathy, negotiation, China literacy, presentation and communication.

You can see video highlights of our last GOOD COP BAD COP online conference here. Be prepared to be inspired!

30 schools and up to 400 pupils from both the private and government/state sectors from around the world are welcome. High calibre guest speakers will encourage and inspire the students. Join the schools from the UK, China, Zambia, The Netherlands, Ireland, UK and Australia who have already signed up. Free workshops will be offered to state schools to help them as they prepare so as to develop greater social mobility, opportunity and access to this unique event.

Thanks to our host school, The Grange, Cheshire!

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Testimonials from Good Cop Bad Cop 2022 involving students from China, Australia, Ireland, UK

Model United Nations: Good Cop Bad Cop?

A news article here describes our our first ModelUN outlined below.

Global attention and focus is currently on COP26. Hard decisions, intense negotiations, political jostling and an appeal to fairness will be the name of the game. Crucial to the planet’s future are the outcomes and decisions to be made in Glasgow in October.

Scheduled at the beginning of 2022 and just before Chinese New Year, our global event for 6th formers will give voice to young future leaders and foster their understanding of the world they inhabit and the consequences of their actions. Encouraging research into the implications of climate change in different parts of the world, this fast-pace, real-life scenario will foster a global mindset and develop cultural, negotiation, presentation, research and leadership skills for all involved.

Register your interest today. Participation is by school group and can include a commitment to establishing a 6-month sustainability project in the local school/community after the event. Business mentoring will be available. For more information and to apply for your school to participate, click here.


We know that young people in the UK today are disadvantaged in cultural know-how when compared to their Chinese peer group. When knowledge means power and ultimately access to jobs, we fill a gap in vital 21st century learning by delivering the building blocks to create a China-literate generation. Rich in mystery, cuisine, history, culture, social change and impact, China offers so much that will intrigue young learners, build their global outlook, foster tolerance and challenge perspectives. Our programmes are designed for curriculum enrichment and schools generally invite us in for an off-timetable day with a particular year group. We take pupils on a journey of discovery about China sewing seeds of curiosity about the nation that is impacting the modern world. Pupils access knowledge about China whilst making connections across multiple curriculum subjects, including history, innovation, politics, geography, maths and science.

Engage with China’s off-timetable curriculum enrichment programmes are available across the key stages covering themes from global sustainability goals, society, innovation, geography, history and wellbeing/PSHE. Find out more about our programmes here.

Webinars & Events

EwC is hosting a series of webinars to build knowledge about China for Heads and Senior Leadership teams. Please register your interest here.

Other webinars will look at themes affecting school revenue streams such as student recruitment, cross-cultural thinking, summer camp opportunities and seeking investors from China. Register interest to find out more here


What better way to be transported to China than through a book? On this World Book Day 2021, let your imagination run wild as you discover more about dragons, emperors and ancient China through this story-telling of Lao Lao from Dragon Mountain. Who is Lao Lao and what wicked plan does the Emperor have?

Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain by Margaret Bateson-Hill


It’s half term! Time to get curious minds busy and active during the Chinese New Year festival period. Here’s a perfect activity that has its roots in Chinese cultural tradition – the simple paper-cut. It requires dexterity, eye-hand coordination and a little artistic flair but it’s easy! Do show us how you got on by sharing with us on social media. If you haven’t listened to the story of Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain in the video above, do! It is a story that involves joy around paper-cutting and imagination.

Our programmes are targeted at all of the major key stages with age-appropriate activities and content building skills and learnings accordingly. Knowledge and understanding is built through multiple ways including individual work, extension tasks, group-work activities and the development of key life skills, such as debating, role-play and public-speaking.

Invite us into your school or find out more, here:

Engage with China certainly added to the cultural capital of the students present.

– Dr Simon Hulme
Headteacher, St Michael’s Crosby

This programme is fantastic. Everyone should get involved with Engage with China. I learnt more about China in one day than I have done in the whole of my life.

– Josie
Y8, Emmaus School

Engage with China helps pupils to look more globally and to see the big picture. It ticks the cultural capital box.

– Steve Cook
Deputy Head, Formby High School