We know that young people in the UK today are disadvantaged in cultural know-how when compared to their Chinese peer group. When knowledge means power and ultimately access to jobs, we fill a gap in vital 21st century learning. Rich in mystery, cuisine, history, culture, social change and impact, China offers so much that will intrigue young learners and boost their global outlook. Our programmes are designed for curriculum enrichment and schools generally invite us in for an off-timetable day with a particular year group. We take pupils on a journey of discovery about China sewing seeds of curiosity about the nation that is impacting the modern world. Pupils access knowledge about China whilst making connections across multiple curriculum subjects, including history, innovation, politics, geography, maths and science.

Our programmes are targeted at all of the major key stages with age-appropriate activities and content building skills and learnings accordingly. Knowledge and understanding is built through multiple ways including individual work, extension tasks, group-work activities and the development of key life skills, such as debating, role-play and public-speaking.

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Engage with China certainly added to the cultural capital of the students present.

– Dr Simon Hulme
Headteacher, St Michael’s Crosby

This programme is fantastic. Everyone should get involved with Engage with China. I learnt more about China in one day than I have done in the whole of my life.

– Josie
Y8, Emmaus School

Engage with China helps pupils to look more globally and to see the big picture. It ticks the cultural capital box.

– Steve Cook
Deputy Head, Formby High School