Engage with China

China’s landscapes are diverse and varied due to its geography, topography and size

Our Mission

The mission of Engage with China (EwC) is to build a China-literate generation in UK primary and secondary schools by building global awareness through the case study of China. By developing curiosity about the world’s second largest economy, young people will be equipped with relevant know-how and vital 21st century skills so that they can grow into effective leaders of tomorrow. Due to its size, scale and economic development, China’s rise will impact and influence the future and the global status quo. With knowledge comes power opportunity and aspiration. Our EwC programmes and resources, enable young people to make connections across curriculum subjects, have a better understanding of their place in the world and envision sustainable solutions for global problems in the future.

Our History

Established in 2018, Engage with China provides a unique offering by delivering age-specific ‘China Challenge Days’ in schools. To date we have reached 2,000 pupils across multiple year groups in schools around the country from the West Midlands, Wiltshire, London, Liverpool and the Home Counties. Schools are delighted with the cultural enrichment, pupil engagement, cross-curricular reinforcement of learnings and the curiosity that is inspired about the country that will impact their lives more than any other.

Interactive activities enable discussion about diverse themes from language to culture, history & innovation

Over the last four years EwC has worked closely with the Worcestershire Chinese Association to develop closer community links with local government, business, schools and young families and foster an understanding of Chinese culture, particularly through Chinese New Year events.

A traditional Chinese lion dance opens up the festivities at Chinese New Year in Worcester, February 2022

In 2022 EwC held its first Good Cop Bad Cop online, international Model United Nations Conference, successfully bringing together more than 140 young people from 15 schools around the world, including mainland China, to discuss climate change. Outcomes included development of leadership, teamwork, debating, negotiating and presentation skills as well as developing cross-cultural skills and a greater understanding of the world around us.

Each school represented a different country & debated the resolutions from Cop26 in Glasgow

In the summer 2022 EwC began a partnership with the Museum of Royal Worcester creating a unique partnership to leverage the heritage site and its rich archive of exhibits around the theme of tea.

EwC Director, H-J Colston, with MORW Director, Sophie Burt & Chair of Worcestershire Chinese Association, Frankie Tsang

Our Vision

By opening young eyes to China we unlock curiosity about the world’s second largest economy and create a pathway to further China engagement through, for example, the selection of mandarin learning at GCSE, internships, university studies or a desire to work or study in China. We recognise that this is important to build competitive edge for young people themselves in the UK, as well as for the nation as a whole.

In the immediate and short-term, we seek to reach another 2,000 pupils aged 5-18 in the 2022/2023 academic year, through delivery of China Challenge Days and to create an expectation and ethos of cultural and global learning about China in schools.

We aim to create and provide distinctive, unique in-classroom cultural experiences for pupils that are not otherwise available or possible due to lack of teacher know-how, availability of learning materials and resources or the opportunity to travel due to the pandemic and its consequences.

Our inspirational and unique international Model UN, Good Cop Bad Cop2, will be held in January 2023 for up to 400 pupils including from UK, China, Africa, Americas and Europe. See here for more details.

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You can read a copy of our latest annual report here