Building China literacy in schools

We are a youth education charity building China literacy & vital 21st century skills in UK primary and secondary schools enabling a global outlook, aspiration & opportunity in the next generation.

Growth Mindset

Every story these days has a China angle and impact. From the environment to the economy, trade, politics, tech, global sustainability goals & society, China’s footprint can be seen yet the national curriculum includes little China-related content. Our programmes ensure that pupils can access vital knowledge & skills & sow seeds of curiosity about the second largest economy in the world & the influence it will have on their lives.

Cultural Capital

Enabling pupils to have a global experience – even in the classroom – improves attainment & future life choices. Engage with China programmes give pupils access to a rich range of topics that brings China alive & shows its relevance across subject areas, including maths, science, the humanities and the arts. Being conversant about a nation that has a 5,000-year history & has successfully lifted 900 million people out of poverty in just 40 years, encourages aspiration & social mobility.

Life Skills

We believe in equipping pupils with appropriate skills for the world they live in. By giving access to China knowledge beyond the curriculum & developing life-skills such as negotiation, role-play & courageous advocacy, pupils will have have improved grade prospects and be higher performers in their chosen careers.

What other people say about us

“Engage with China really served to build cultural capital amongst our pupils and added value across multiple subject areas. In addition, the role-play really pushed them out of their comfort zone to understand that many life scenarios involve negotiation.”

― Head of Y12, St Michael’s High School, Liverpool

“China is a country of huge strategic importance to the UK, and education plays a key role in developing that wider relationship with significant economic, educational and diplomatic benefits.”

― Rt. Hon. Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards

“It is a great idea to increase awareness of China and to introduce the real China to our students.”

– Teehan Page, Teacher in Theology & Philosophy, Westminster School

Relevant, skills-enhancing, extra-curricular enrichment programmes drawing connections across all subject areas & building vital 21st century skills

About Us

Engage with China builds China literacy in schools equipping young people with vital skills for the 21st century and boosting cultural capital, global outlook and the ability to make connections across curriculum subjects.



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