Building China literacy in UK schools

For millennia, China has been a source of inspiration to the rest of the world. From its discovery of silk to the invention of paper and a thirst for tea, China has impacted on the way we live, connect, trade and innovate. In modern times, China is the world’s second largest economy, influencing every area of human endeavour and challenging the status quo. Changing geo-political and economic shifts over the last 40 years has created a dependency on China as well as great opportunities. 

Engage with China (EwC) is an educational charity, founded in 2018, which aims to build a ‘China-literate’ generation in UK schools, by developing competitive edge, relevant 21st century skills, global awareness and curiosity through the case study of China. By enlightening pupils about China’s history, geography, language, society, innovation and culture, EwC fills a crucial knowledge gap in the curriculum. It also benefits young people as they develop key skills and knowledge to become better cross-cultural collaborators of the future, equipped for the global jobs market or to negotiate on global sustainable development goals, such as climate change. We know from our experience working with pupils that imaginations and creativity are unleashed as they engage with rich, fresh knowledge and value is added to their learnings through making connections across multiple curriculum subjects.

KS2 pupils enjoying learning about China and the Silk Roads

Growth Mindset

Every story these days has a China angle and impact. From the environment to the economy, trade, politics, tech, global sustainability goals & society, China’s footprint can be seen yet the national curriculum includes little China-related content. Our programmes ensure that pupils can access vital knowledge & skills & sow seeds of curiosity about the second largest economy in the world & the influence it will have on their lives.

Y10 pupils enjoy discovering fresh knowledge about China

Cultural Capital

Enabling pupils to have a global experience – even in the classroom – improves attainment & future life choices. Engage with China programmes give pupils access to a rich range of topics that brings China alive & shows its relevance across subject areas, including maths, science, the humanities and the arts. Being conversant about a nation that has a 5,000-year history & has successfully lifted 900 million people out of poverty in just 40 years, encourages aspiration & social mobility.

Life Skills

We believe in equipping pupils with appropriate skills for the world they live in. By giving access to China knowledge beyond the curriculum & developing life-skills such as negotiation, role-play & courageous advocacy, pupils will have have improved grade prospects and be higher performers in their chosen careers.

What other people say about us

“The mix of story, art, language meant that pupils were engaged throughout the session and it has really inspired them. You created links to our English text, humanities, science, maths, speaking and spelling so it all worked really well.”

― Miss Juckes, Y4 Teacher, ARK School

“China is a country of huge strategic importance to the UK, and education plays a key role in developing that wider relationship with significant economic, educational and diplomatic benefits.”

― Rt. Hon. Nick Gibb MP, Former Minister of State for School Standards

“All school leaders should take China seriously and engage with it in and outside the curriculum. Like it or not, China is going to be the dominant country..We can either turn a blind eye or we can say that it is part of a general education – and that will prepare them much better for working and living in the 21st century.”

– Sir Anthony Seldon, educator, author & former Vice Chancellor, Buckingham University

Relevant, skills-enhancing, extra-curricular enrichment programmes drawing connections across all subject areas & building vital 21st century skills

About Us

Engage with China builds China literacy in schools equipping young people with vital skills for the 21st century and boosting cultural capital, global outlook and the ability to make connections across curriculum subjects.



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