Education enables dialogue with Chinese Ambassador

Engage with China is excited to host a senior level networking dinner with Chinese Ambassador, Zheng Zeguang, on 24 May 2023 in Central London. The theme of the evening is building education and dialogue as a means of widening opportunities, trust and engagement between China and the UK. The emphasis of the evening will beContinue reading “Education enables dialogue with Chinese Ambassador”

‘Chopsticks Challenge’ unleashes competitive spirit

Visitors to the fruit-themed Summer Fun Day at the Museum of Royal Worcester on Wednesday 17 August were delighted to compete in the ‘Chopsticks Challenge’ organised by Engage with China, one of the participating exhibitors. Concentration, dexterity, and calmness under pressure were three of the main skills required of visitors as they attempted to achieveContinue reading “‘Chopsticks Challenge’ unleashes competitive spirit”

Y8 China Challenge Days result in invitation to return

“Shenzhen is 13 times the size of Birmingham,” recounted one bright pupil at the end of Day Two of our China Challenge Days delivered into Walkwood Church of England Middle School this week. This is perfectly true – but many people probably haven’t even heard of Shenzhen. In the space of 40 years, Shenzhen, aContinue reading “Y8 China Challenge Days result in invitation to return”

Model UN provides global climate change debating platform for future leaders

The world was focussed last month on COP26 in Glasgow and the resolutions agreed by national leaders to tackle the complex challenges of climate change and to agree on scaling down the use of fossil fuels. Those decisions and ensuing action by individual countries will define the sustainability of the planet in the years andContinue reading “Model UN provides global climate change debating platform for future leaders”

Educational pioneers in creating a “strategic resource for Global Britain”

“Governments can have policies,” says British Ambassador to China, Dame Caroline Wilson, “but it is ultimately people who deliver and implement those policies.” Speaking at a recent online forum for young adults who have spent time in China on the Generation UK programme, the Ambassador continued that it is vital, therefore, to have a rangeContinue reading “Educational pioneers in creating a “strategic resource for Global Britain””

EwC fills a curriculum knowledge gap

Engage with China delivers curriculum enrichment programmes to build China literacy, global outlook and critical thinking skills in schools. EwC Director, ‘H-J’ Colston, remembers that two pages of her history A-level book, which referenced the Opium Wars in the 19th century, were the only reference to China of her whole school academic life. It appearsContinue reading “EwC fills a curriculum knowledge gap”