Model UN: Good Cop Bad Cop?

Engage with China has delivered ‘China Challenge Days’ into primary and secondary schools in the UK and Ireland since 2017, building China literacy, competitive edge and global awareness through the lens of China.

This climate change ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ Model UN is the first international event that we have hosted, and we are excited by the interest and response of schools around the world to get involved. Working with various time zones, this will be an online, ½ day event on Friday 28 January 2022, just before Chinese New Year.

Climate change Model UN for 6th form students organised by Engage with China

Climate change is a lived reality. No country is exempt from its effects or challenges. There is a growing awareness that our actions, consumption and behaviour have consequences for our eco-systems, the health of the earth and the future of habitats. Young people studying at 6th form level today will be leaders of the future in a few years’ time. The decisions of COP26 will likely be implemented, in part, by some of them. It is therefore important to engage with the subject of climate change and to hear about it from other perspectives, which is exactly what this Good Cop Bad Cop event will provide. 

Each participating school will be allocated a country to represent, other than their own. This will require each team of students to research what measures their country is taking to mitigate and limit the effects of climate change and also explain what the reality of climate change is for the country they represent at the event.

In this pandemic era, where travel restrictions are in place in many parts of the world, the potential for real people:people dialogue has been curtailed. This is a great loss for young people who are currently in education. This limitation on travel also has the potential to create silo thinking or a dis-connect with the world beyond our own borders. This MUN will create a much-needed international experience enabling students to hear disparate voices and to develop debating, negotiating, leadership, team-building, listening and cross-cultural skills. 


We are inviting all participating schools to establish a 6-month eco-project in their local community after the event. This will further develop real engagement around influencing behaviour change or stimulating ideas for innovation as well as deliver tangible and positive outcomes in the local / school community.

In the summer, we will hold a subsequent event to showcase projects, highlight outcomes and celebrate achievements.

We are grateful to our Partner Sponsor for working with us to create this international opportunity for international students. Through this Model UN we are delighted to develop international educational links that also build leadership, character and cross-cultural skills and a platform to enable young people to share their voices.

Thank you to our supporters and business mentors who share our vision to develop global citizens.

We have reached out to schools in Brazil, Australia, Zambia, China, UK, Ireland, Dominica, South Africa and Malawi. Currently 14 schools from China, Australia, UK & Ireland will participate and we look forward to some lively discussion and debate from some articulate, ambitious and engaged students. We know that they will benefit hugely from the international dimension and interaction that this event offers.

Date for applications have now closed. If interested to participate in the 2023 Model Climate Change COP, please email Theresa on

HOST SCHOOL: We are delighted to welcome The Grange, Cheshire, as our Host School. A benefit of being the Host School, means that both the roles of President and Vice President will come from The Grange.

Further communication will be sent out to all participating schools, including the resolutions to be discussed. These will include briefing notes with links to resources, an information pack about practical arrangements and the chance to submit a resolution. Students will also be invited to apply for the following positions:

  1. a guest chair position (three available)
  2. social media role
  3. PR role

We are confident that this event will be a hugely successful student-led event and look forward to welcoming you all soon. 

Delegate Handbook, including draft schedule, resolutions and technical information can be found here.

For further information please contact